Friday, July 30, 2010

Naked {The Sunday Creative: July 25-31}

I know I said I was taking a short break and I am, however, I did mention that I was going to continue a few creative projects. Well, The Sunday Creative, just happens to be one. This week's prompt was 'Naked', a very good prompt, one that could bring many wonderful interpretations (if you head on over to The Sunday Creative you can check them out). Naturally, we were advised to keep it PG-13 and I would have it no other way. Anyway, here's my interpretation...

A few simple crayolas...

All dirty, broken, naked and bare...

Still overflowing with the ability to create something beautiful!

Even when we are broken, naked and bare we still have the ability to be beautiful and to create beautiful things, we are all just simple crayolas, we just need to be put to good use to remember our beauty.

Go forth and be beautiful and create beautiful things! Enjoy the last days of summer!


  1. I LOVE this interpretation. Great photos, and your words to go along with it. I haven't gotten around to the "naked" prompt yet this week...I may have to skip this one.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment and becoming a follower of my blog! I was going to skip this prompt as well, but while I was taking some other photos, this just came to me along with the words and I am quite please how they turned out. Thanks again!

  3. simple, colorful, and beautiful! So glad to have found your blog!!! Feel free to visit mine anytime! I love new blogger buddies!

  4. This is such a touching post, Brooke! I love the analogy and the use of these amazing shots! Your interpretation is really great! LOVE it! ("

  5. Thank you both for commenting and your kind words!

  6. Love your photos of Naked. found you at undercover mother.

  7. Sharon-Thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by!


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