Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Cherry on top!

Ok  ok ok, I know I said I was taking a quick break, but so many wonderful things and creative projects just keep happening! So, I've decided to just put my blogging in a little time slot on my schedule and take advantage of my night owl genes. Anyway, on to the point of this post. Friday I was reading some comments from my fellow bloggers and under one of my post I got a link from Kristin over at The Freebird Photoblog saying tag your it. She was passing along this sweet little award along to me!

Isn't she sweet? I was truly surprised and honored to be included in her list blogs to pass along this sweet little award to! If you haven't been over to Kristin's blog you should go see her, she has a lovely blog with amazing pictures that always have the most beautiful tones and color effects!

Thank you so much Kristin for thinking of me! You sure know how to make a girl happy!

The rules of this decadent award are to:
 1. Thank the person who gave the award to you
 { As I did above, oh I'll do it again, Thanks Kristin!}

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog
{You can see it up there on top, isn't it cute?}

3. List three things about you {Oh my let's see...}
  1. I dream of travel and see my little family filling up some passports in the future {well if they still have the old fashion kind then they would be full}. Greece, Australia and Africa are definitely on the list!
  2. Although I dream of travel and exploring the world, I would be just fine with a secluded little cabin decorated just the way I wanted, with a beautiful garden full of flowers and veggies, a huge pasture full of wildflowers, my handsome little boys giggling and playing and me and the hubby watching them from the porch.
  3. I absolutely loathe dishes and can't wait until the plumber gets here Monday to install my shiny black dishwasher!
4. Post a photo that you love{There are so many!}

Happy Birthday Pierce!
There are my most recent set of photos I love...They are of a balloon release in honor of a little guy who earned his angel wings last year, we were not able to join Pierce's mommy and daddy along with the rest of our family so we held our own private release at the same time, just a different town. The day we did this it would of been his 3rd birthday...I love these photos because they remind me to cherish every moment with my boys and remind me to continually pray for Pierce's mommy and daddy and the healing of their broken hearts! True it is sad, but yet it is beautiful in the way his short little life taught us so many valuable lessons and continues to do so! He has touched many hearts and if you'd like to read about his story you can here...

And last on the list...
5. Tag five people you want to pass this award on to:

This is the hardest part! As Kristin had stated in her shout out to me, I am a new blogger, therefore so new to this blog world! There are so many wonderful blogs out there and many of my favorites have already received this award, like Corinne at Trains, Tutus and Teatime and Maureen over at Cottage 960. Naturally, I would just send this right back to Kristin for The Freebird Photoblog since it is so wonderful! So, here are my choices, I don't know if they have already received this or not but they are my choices anyway!

1. Hyacynth at Undercover Mother-She has beautifully written post, that as a mother, I can relate to most of the time. She is also one of the wonderful ladies behind The Bigger Picture Moment blog.

2. Sherrie from Search for Serenity-An extraordinary lady who's blog is full of beautifully expressed emotions and amazing photos! She really has a way with textures and post processing, and I am in love with her photography!

3. Abby over at A Feathered Nest-I have had this blog in my favorites list long before I gathered the courage to start my own blog and before I started my photography up again. I have been following her for some time now, just not officially until recently. She is one crafty momma and always has amazing pictures to go along with her step by step instruction. I used her directions to make a baby gift once!

4. Darrah Parker Photography-She takes amazing portraits and has a wonderful blog packed with tiny slices of life! She also host the "Slice of Life Tuesdays" Flickr group.

Last on my list, only because I can't keep on adding more or I'd never get to post this to my blog:

5. My good friend Valerie Mellema, we go back to grade school and girl scouts and rekindled through facebook, she has her blog Writing Through Life One Day at a Time and her photoblog Photosuwant.

Again, a big THANK YOU to Kristin for passing along this award!


  1. Thank you so much for the blog award! That means so much to me!

  2. I hear you on the dishes!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for the award. I'm really enjoying getting to know you! xxoo

  3. Your Welcome! I love truly do love all of your blogs! I visit them often!

    Hyacynth-Dishes are the worst and I'm happy to say the dishwasher is now taking over that job! Enjoying getting to know you too!

  4. awesome job! yay for your new dishwasher! ♥


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