Friday, July 23, 2010

A Girl should be two things, Fabulous and Classy

This week I was honored to have a photo session with two fabulous and classy girls! Two girls who just happen to be my cousins. I had so much fun and I'm grateful to them for being such wonderful models and for the much needed practice!

Here are a few of our favorites from the session!

These are my favorite of Sam's photos!
I thought she was a natural at modeling!

Beautiful Sisters!

Miss Savanna was nervous at first, but after we loosened her up she had lots of fun and we got some great shots!

The first shot of the day

My favorite one of the day! She wanted bubbles and it was so fun taking this set of shots!

Two more favorites, Classy Punk Rocker and Cute Secret Spy!

Sam had fun for the most part, but she really had fun when we got her uncle's bike out.

The last one of the day, the sun is almost gone...

Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister,
and Lord help the sister who come between me and my man!

I had a blast doing this photo shoot, thank you girls for a wonderful session!


  1. They are too cute!! I love that bubble shot as well. Very nice!

  2. You do great "people photography!" I love the fun poses you caught and set ups. I love the bubble one too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today and thank you for your sweet comments! It means a lot to me!

    BTW, you and your cousins are beautiful! (:

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments!

  4. Wow! you captured some really awesome shots of those beautiful girls. I love the first shot of the day. And I really like how you edited the color. You really rocked that photography session, capturing their natural beauty.

  5. Thank you, I love color fade and have to pull myself in sometimes to not do to many variations of a picture. I already have a million, gazillion photos as it is,haha! Thank you again for you kind comment!

  6. Wow. You rocked that session. Such cute girls, and your shots turned out great. I love that one in front of the fence. My fav.

  7. what amazing shots! great work :) love the variety and they are all so beautiful, I am sure they will be very pleased.

  8. Thank you! All your kind words are such an encouragement to keep on striving to get better!


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