Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Bigger Picture Moment: Impromptu Lunch

Yesterday as I was taking my much earned mom break when Jack Johnson's tune "Better Together" started to fill the air. The voice on the other end of the phone was my hubby, he was in an extremely good mood and was calling to invite the boys and I to go on a quick business call with him then out to lunch. Actually going out to eat lunch with my hubby is a rare occasion, we typically only get to see our man of the house once or twice a week for lunch. He usually just comes home and grabs a quick bite to eat and a we exchange our daily happenings. Despite the fact that we rarely get to enjoy my hubby's company without the crazed madness of hungry toddlers, dirty diapers, a barking dog and cranky, its almost nap time, little boys, my first reaction was, "Really? I just sat down to have mommy time and to organize my photos!". Of course I didn't voice this out loud, nevertheless, I was initially irritated. 

I don't know if it was the eagerness in his voice or the fact that I could tell he was truly excited about being able to take us to lunch, but despite my reluctant attitude I said OK. After I got off the phone my attitude didn't change much. Being that this was spur of the moment, a little earlier than normal lunch time, and it was laundry day I still had not even got the boys dressed for the day, not to mention I was in my grungy laundry day clothes. After frantically dressing two wiggly boys and scrambling to get myself dressed, we had a brief moment waiting outside for my hubby to arrive. In that moment I started to get excited about our impromptu lunch and started to wonder why I was even irritated to begin with. He is my husband and I truly do not get to spend random parts of the day with him; and shouldn't I feel honored that he was so eager to spend that part of the day with me and not some random guy from the office?

Over the years we have started to take each other for granted, forgetting the little moments
that make each other smile and filling the time apart with daily responsibilities and personal interests. When not busy with the daily grind or getting our 'me' times, we are busy with kids or to tired to be thoughtful. That day, I found myself wanting my husband to take me for granted so I could have my 'me' time. Something was wrong with that picture. In that brief moment of waiting I realized this and it made me remember how nice it is to be thought of and wanted and how much joy I once got from making my hubby feel the same way. So,  from now on I welcome the impromptu moment and promise to myself, my husband and my boys to make more of those little moments that make each other smile. 

Bigger Picture Moment

Written in participation of Bigger Picture Moments, "A moment where you recognized the role your faith plays in your every day life. A moment where you take note of motherhood and the importance of what you are doing. A moment that made you stop and breathe in the bigness of it all. The hugeness that is life and the small moments adding up to one Bigger Picture." Check out this week's posts at Trains, Tutus and Tea Time.

I wouldn't leave you without a picture, now would I?
{I took this the same day as my bigger picture moment, after we got home I needed to work on a project I was doing with some friends I wanted some happy colors. So, worked with what I had, some mason jars, food coloring and water. The colors made me smile}


  1. That photo is just spectacular!
    And your moment... it's so hard to look at one from that perspective. That all they want to do is play with us and be with us :) But it's a beautiful thing to accept and love!
    Thank you SO much for linking up with us! :) Hope you'll play next week as well!

  2. Brooke, you are not alone! I've had this feeling so many times with my husband. And, you're right, it's a little bit of selfishness seeping into our brains, overtaking the blessings. Our time together should be cherised and not viewed as an inconvenience. Thanks for the reminder.
    Great bigger picture moment for the week. :)

  3. I can relate to this so much! Being so starved for "me time", I often forget to appreciate the "us time"...which is so important, too! Thank you for this reminder!

  4. This really hits home, Brooke. I struggle daily with stepping away from the all-important blogosphere and email necessities, just to do 'nothing' with my husband who wants me. How has it become a distraction to be so desired for nothing more than my company?!

    Wonderful bigger picture moment. And I'll sign on too: I'm going to welcome the moments of affection, even if they come smack in the middle of my 'me time'. It'll be good.

    Thanks for linking up with Bigger Picture Moments!


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