Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Good Life...

I spent the past week on vacation with my family and it was truly amazing! Aside from the twenty hour drive each way, we had a wonderful time. The only thing about vacation is knowing it will soon come to an end and at that end is work, chores and the daily grind. However, those vacation memories will fall into the cracks of responsibilities and continue to reminded us how much fun we have with those we see everyday. Something I think we forget because we do get caught up in work, routine, and responsibilities. I spent the week building sand castles, searching for seashells, swimming in the ocean, watching my boys smile everyday, walking the beach with my hubby and watching the boys walk the beach with their daddy...that is the good life! That is the thing that makes going back to the daily grind seem like it is just a moment in time. It reminds us to strive to bring the vacation back home and put a little fun in our everyday life!

These pictures don't even begin to  portray our amazing time!

{Beach on Bald Head Island, we took the ferry from Southport, North Carolina and spent most of the day there! Beautiful is all I can say about the Island!}
{The three men in my life! "Surfing" at Oak Island in North Carolina...God has truly blessed me with so much! I am grateful for the time my boys were able to spend with their daddy!}
{Old Baldy,the reason we took the ferry out to Bald Head Island, but my favorite part was the beach on the other side}
{The sand was by far the favorite part of my boy's trip. They spent all day playing in it when we went to the beach}
{The houses on Bald Head Island were so gorgeous! They were one of my favorite parts of the Island}
{Sunset Beach...I think I got a shot of a pier at all the beaches! they were just so amazing I couldn't resist!}
{The boys and I loved this little phone booth, for different reasons obviously, but it made for a good photo op either way!}
{Our day was almost over on Oak Island Beach, I loved the foamy edges of the water. Definitely the Good life!}


  1. Those are amazing pics. Really looks like you all had a blast!

  2. Beautiful. Again, I love seeing things thru your eyes simply gorgeous!


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