Friday, July 2, 2010

Open {The Sunday Creative}

Today I decided to post my take on the creative prompt for The Sunday Creative project, over at Life Set to Words. The word for this week (June 27th-July 3rd) was OPEN...When I set out to take the picture for this week I thought of open land or the open road. However, I don't typically do landscape shots and tried to come up with another idea. Then I was reminded of an exercise from the Creativity Boot Camp when we were challenged to think about our own creative 'rules' we impose on ourselves and to try to get out of the box. So, I did, I took a land shot and it turned out pretty good. It might not be magazine worthy, but it speaks open to me and I broke my own 'rules'.

{I just liked this little vegetable stand off a stretch of highway in Oklahoma. The seemingly never ending stretches of empty land that expand alongside the typical Oklahoma highway, always brings the song "Wide Open Spaces' to mind, which obviously speaks open to me}

{I added this one in here just to illustrate what I meant by out of my box...I like to focus on one thing. Here for instance, my first instinct was to only get the cloud and to leave out any land, but when I pulled back, I realized I still got the great impact of the cloud}

Go on over and give "The Sunday Creative" a try, there will be a new prompt every Sunday and a chance to link up and share your work.


  1. Wow! That is a GREAT landscape! Your photo makes me want to live there.

  2. Thank you so much, it really appreciate the kind comment. Especially since I wasn't sure of it...

  3. i love this photo of an open space. i breathe easier just knowing it exists.

  4. Oh! I see the beauty in that little veggie stand, too. What a great shot with the billowing clouds.


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