Sunday, July 18, 2010

I was blogged by The Maternal Lens!

Today, I was taken some time to do more than upload pictures to my flickr photostream and after viewing some wonderful pictures I headed over to see what activity was going on in my actual photostream. That's when I saw a link posted as a comment  to one of my photos. I clicked on it and much to my surprise I saw that my picture, 'boy's and their toys', was featured on The Maternal Lens as part of their Friday inspiration! The inspiration this Friday being, TOYS! I was pretty excited and thought I would share...


  1. That's great! So cool. Love the layout too.

  2. well congrats! How fun is that to discover!

  3. okay, I love love love your new header! so awesome!!!! your photography is so beautiful to me! can't wait to see more on your blog. and how excited to be blogged about by he maternal lens! what a fun surprise...congrats! that photo deserves it...simply wonderful

  4. Thank you. You all are so kind!


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