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My "Morning Read" photo at Mortal Muses, Theme: Around the House....Link

A photo of my brownie and blue ball jar at Maternal Lens, it's the third, and last,  photo in the post...Link

My "Boys and Their Toys" photo at Maternal Lens as part of their Friday Inspiration, Theme: Toys. It's the second one on the top row...Link

My photo from my 365 day project, "Illuminate", at Everyday Beauty with the Mortal Muses...Link

Featured as a weekly pick for Paint the Moon's "Let's do 52", my guitar picture...Link

*FYI over at Flickr my user name is Barefoot Momma Photography, I've been playing with the idea of using this name, thoughts?

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  1. i love your different photography can you give me some tips for the photo angles?? just follow me @ yourphotoart.blogspot.com i'll wait your answer thanks..


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