Tuesday, January 4, 2011  

Well, blog friends I've finally decided on a project for the year...I decided to do a weekly project instead of daily project. I chose to do a project52 because I wanted a yearlong project that would allow me to continue to participate in all the lovely photo assignments and my own projects I have going on (I'll tell you about one of them in a minute). I wanted something that was achievable...I didn't want to find myself disappointed in myself if I failed 100 days down the road. I wanted something that wouldn't be come task like and monotonous, I wanted something that kept me shooting not dreading getting a shoot for the day. Something I could focus on perfecting my skills, giving me time to set up shots and take my time. Not finding myself at the end of the day scrambling for a subject to shoot with no light!

I will post to the blog weekly with my favorite photo of the day then I'll keep the collection up to date here, just in case you want to see it all together. Additionally, I plan on linking up with the flickr group m3b p52, which I help moderate. It's a project 52 group started by Darcy @ My 3 Boybarians, also the host of Sweet Shot Tuesdays. You can read more about Darcy's Project52 here:

m3b m52's flickr group is a great place to share your photos, there are not set themes, just your photo for the week! However, if you do want a theme for you 52 week project, there are some great flickr groups for those of you who want a weekly prompt. There is MCP Project 52: Photo a Week created by the blog MCP Actions, you can read about MCP's project here. Additionally there is Let's do 52, created by Paint the Moon and Focus52 created by Jan at TwoScoopz
 Check out week 1 for details on another project I'm working on, it's a project you can join in too! Also if you are wanting to do a photo project but P52 doesn't fit you,check out this post, Monochromatic Inspiration, I give you lots of ideas and links to help you in your photographic journey!

Week 1, January 2nd-8th

The other project I've decided to take on in 2011 is called Project64. For this project I plan to take a box of 64 count crayons and be inspired! I have a few friends going on the journey with me, at one point in time we all shared our hometown, now some are still there and others are scattered across the map. So we've started a blog to track our journey. The picture I chose for week one is a photo I took for the new blog. Occasionally my project52 and project64 will merge, it's only natural when you have two weekly projects going on simultaneously.
You can learn more about the project64 and the journey by clicking on the button below!

Week 2: January 9th-15th

We had our first snow, a little behind the other states, but beautiful even if late! There is just something about a first snow!

Week3: Jan16th-22nd

Week4: Jan 23rd-29th

Week5: Jan 30th- Feb 5th

Week6: Feb 6th-12th

Week7: Feb13th-19th

Week8: Feb 20th-26th

Week9: Feb 27th-March 5th

Week10: March 6th-12th

Week11: March 13th-19th

Week12: March 20th-26th

Week13: March 27th-2nd

Week14: April 3rd-9th

Week 15: April 10th-16th

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