Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Illuminate {The Sunday Creative: Aug. 29-Sept 4}

Illuminate: to brighten with light; to light up

Yay, I've finally got my pile of things to do small enough to join in on the fun! I loved this weeks prompt for 'The Sunday Creative', illuminate...once I found out what it was I knew I wanted to use the sun and its rays of light. So, my youngest son and I set out for an evening walk in search of those golden rays that appear just minutes before the sun goes down.

Our wondering feet took us down our gravel road and towards the overgrown dirt road at the end of the street. We like to take this path in hopes of seeing a deer or two and pretend we are explorers discovering the unknown, although it starts to get  a little secluded so we usually keep our discoveries to the familiar and within sight of the gravel road.

It was on the little dirt path I found several spider webs weaved onto some weeds. They were perfect! The sun's rays were flooding the field surrounding the webs and making them glow and glisten. They looked beautiful and I did my best to try and capture it!

Have a great day!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Downtown Hidden Treasures { My latest photo session}

Recently I had the honor of shooting a wonderful family in some great locations I stumbled upon in good ol' downtown Tulsa, like this one here... 

Well, on to the family shots!

I just loved these red doors and thought they would work great for that pop of color!

 Of course we had to get one of beautiful mom!

Naturally mom and dad needed one of just the two of them!

We took a ton of photos and the family had a hard time picking their favorites, which is good for me, but these are just a few of my favorites! I can't wait to utilize the great downtown area again, it was so much fun!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

An ordinary day {A Bigger Picture Moment}

There is nothing special about today, it's just another ordinary day, but as I sit down to write this today I don't have any looming duties to be done. The piles of laundry have dwindled down to one small basket of clothes that will find their home shortly, my dishes are squeaky clean and neatly stacked in the kitchen cabinets (with the help of my mama) and the images from my shoot earlier this week now have whiter teeth, brighter eyes and are blemish free. As my to do list shrinks in size I feel a little bit of calmness in my life. There are still a few things to check of my list, but at least now I can walk into the kitchen without a pile of dirty dishes staring at me reminding me how behind I am, making me put them off even longer and tonight when I go to grab the boys pj's I won't have to resort to using the ones that rarely leave the drawer.

It's crazy how a minor disturbance in our everyday life can cause so much pile up...But today it didn't seem so piled, just calm and ordinary, now don't get me wrong I use the word calm loosely in house full of boys, it's hard to go any day without a fight, whining and tantrums. The calm part is not trying to get a million things done in between those episodes. Not to mention the boys and I were able to enjoy some time outside and take a short walk with my sister and nephew, thanks to the hundred degree weather taking a vacation! So, nothing spectacular today, just things checked off my list, a casual lunch with family, and enjoying the weather...just an ordinary day, but a happy one...

Since I am being so ordinary today here are few ordinary things that parts of my brighter and happier...

I love this jar, its so simple and it's just a jar, but I love it's blue color and the fact that anything looks good in it, from flowers to an ice cold drink.

This little ducky is a frequent guest during my boys bath time, he's been hanging out for bubble time since my oldest took his first bath!

My youngest carries this little bear everywhere he goes...

I didn't have a awe inspiring bigger picture moment and our day was pretty average, but it was a good day, peaceful, calm and full of love and that is what the bigger picture is about sometimes, ordinary days that leave a smile on your face.

This is my bigger picture moment...If you would like to link up your bigger picture moment Meagan, over at Madeline Bea: Life set to words , is hosting this weeks link up!

Bigger Picture Moment

Have a great day!

P.S. Come back and visit tomorrow afternoon, I plan on sharing my latest photo session. We found some great downtown sites and I'm super excited to share them!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've been in my own little world

It seems like forever since I've been out here to send something off into the blogosphere, I guess only a week...but a lot has happened in that week. Two photo shoots, editing pictures, deadlines, a visit to the ER. Yes the ER, it sounds scary, but it really wasn't a big deal. A couple of test and two ultrasounds later they discovered I have gall bladder issues, who knew such a little organ could cause so much pain? To make a very long week of doctor visits short I've had two days of fasting, half a week of a clear liquid diet and a surgery is on the calendar. Before I get a ton of messages about  natural remedies and such I've had many talks with many ladies from every aspect of the issue and through much discussion with my husband and prayer I decided to go with surgery. Trust me, even though this is a common, no big deal surgery it was something I wasn't happy about...the word surgery brings anxiety into my heart and crazy thoughts in my head. It was a big deal to me, it is a big deal to me.

Between the lack of food and anxious thoughts I've kind of sunk into my own little world. When I'm faced with these kind heavy decision I tend to internalize...I become an observer in my day to day life, I participate in very little and I focus on one thing. This week I've made it my goal to meet the deadline I had given my customer on her photos, even though I had laundry piling up and a bag that still needed unpacking, clean dishes waiting in the dishwasher and dirty ones in the sink, 365 photos that needed to be posted (and still do), and paper work that need to be done. I never quite felt up to writing a post, I wasn't inspired enough and i was feeling a little sorry for myself too. Although, I have been visiting the blogosphere and reading all your beautiful blogs, I just was not ready to participate this week.

Friday rolled along and I had been deep in thought and prayer all week and somewhere in there I prayed these words "calm my anxious heart" and it is now calm and I have emerged out of my own little world and ready to be inspired, be creative, check things of my list and enjoy my life with out anxious thoughts and a little less bad for you food!

So while I've been off in my own little world observing the world around me, I did manage to get some good shots this past week. As a matter of fact the day of the attack that sent me to the ER I had a fun just because session with my beautiful niece earlier that day! My mom had recently bought me some new props to add to my collection and my darling niece is always happy to be my model and it helps that she always makes such a good one! Plus she had a birthday right around the corner which gave us another excuse to have an impomptu session!

All the hats and bows and the adorable little tutu are my new accessories my mama bought me to keep in my arsenal of props, however this cute little tea rose pink head band featured in the last two pictures, along with the white feather clip that is attached to the tutu are made by my crafty friend, Sary...who happens to be an long time friend!

So here is to joining the world around me again, good health, change and enjoying life everyday! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sweet Shot Day

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sneak Peek{Family Photo Session}

Yesterday I had my first "official" photo session. Sure I've held mini practice sessions with my niece and nephew, my beautiful cousins and my adorable baby nephew, but the was different, it was my first non-family member photo shoot. With this shoot I didn't have that security that they were going LOVE my work or be happy in the end. When I have mini sessions with family there is always that voice in the back of your head, "they have to say they love it, they're family"! Not to mention, its not the list bit intimidating to boss your young niece around into various, sometimes ridiculous, poses. Nor is it hard to steal away your nephew from your sister, just because the light is right. This time I had to set a planned time in hopes that the light was going to cooperate and cancellations weren't going to come last minute. I had to be confident even though there was possiblitiy that they might not like something. I had to be the take charge person, when I'm typically not..so many thought...I was up late the night before like a little school girl awaiting her party the next day. I was too excited and nervous at the same time. All in all things went well, baby fussing was at a minimum, light was fairly decent, I learned from mistakes and know what I want to improve on next time! So, I guess you want to see a sneak peek huh? Ok here it goes!

What a cutie pie!

My favorite from the day, our orginal date was before the 4th of July, however things didn't work out. However, they still wanted to get a few in their 4th of July shirts.

This was toward the end, fussiness started to set in, so we pulled out some props and a blanket and let her get comfy and play. Got some really good ones during that time.  Like this one because she looks like she is really intent on getting those beads and she looks so darn cute doing it!

This pose was a request by the client, she wanted to mimic an old photo that she found of her mom and dad with her as a baby. To add a little more to the feel of a throwback photo I did a little playing around with the color. Not the exact color look of the orginal, but pretty close.

Another one towards the end of the day...Shortly after we took her clothes off she seemed to get happy again! Who wouldn't? It was HOT out there. Good thing we schedule early morning when it was still 89 degrees. Later that evening we hit a high of 114 degrees! No exageration here, my hubby has proof on his phone camera! Nor am I talking heat index!

Thanks for letting me share my session with you! Keeping to the idea of learning and to open up some discussion...any of you have tips, tricks of the trade or just advice to us newbie portrait photographers?

Have a great weekend and stay cool ya'll

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Untouched {An Unintended Bigger Picture Moment }

The last couple of days I've been going through my pictures trying to figure out what photos I want to enter in the state fair, it will be my first time to do so and I'm a little excited an nervous at the same time.  After reading through the rules and regulations, every "competition" has, the requirements for most of the categories are SOOC photos. Of course there is an enhanced category, but the majority of the categories require the picture to be completely unaltered from it's original state. You'd think this wouldn't be a problem, but I've come to notice that I find it very hard to refrain from edits to my work. Of course I keep the original and they aren't "bad", but still I edit...I don't know if its insecurity that the original isn't good enough or out of habit, maybe even both. Realizing this about my photography has made me look upon how I handle myself, stepping back and taking another look at my own life, I find I tend to do the same thing. Edit. Changing my original self to something slightly different, for others, for acceptance, or because it keeps conflict to a minimum...

The edits aren't always huge

Sometimes they are just a slight boost, contrast and sharpening...

Sometimes they are totally different from the original...

Sometimes the original is just as good...

If not better than the edit...
I like how the edited version turned out...

Even if it just a slight change. Change isn't always bad, but sometimes its not neccasary. Being able to step back and see that sometimes edits aren't required and sometimes they are is when you know you are on the right path to balance, both in life and in your creative work. This is when you start to grow.

I think I am starting to grow...

Have a great day

I did not intend for this post to be a Bigger Picture Moment, but it seems it turned out to be one...You can read other bigger picture moments and link up your own over at Sarah's blog, This Heavenly Life...

Or you can follow the button to The Bigger Picture Blog
Bigger Picture Moment

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just another day...

Two post in one day, but, this was my original post for the day,  until I gathered the courage to post the other. So, post two! So, today is Sweet Shot Tuesday and the other day I spent part of the afternoon watching my boys play together and building towers with their Legos and just happen to get some cute shots! To be honest, summer is not my favorite season, yes I love playing in the water and outdoor activities, but seriously its way to HOT. I enjoy late spring and fall so much better...Back on track here, one thing I DO love about summer is our family is schedule free! We play at our leisure, run errand in a timely but casual manner, take detours, visit tons of family and have fun! Yes we'll still be playing with Legos during cool fall afternoons, but the schedule is coming back into our lives soon...I'd like to think we don't need it and can be self motivated, but if I'm honest with myself I can't. I need the schedule to get things done and to stay on track. So here is to summer days of play...

Busy hands

Taking a snack break!

Sweet Shot Day

Out on a Limb...

Ok, here it goes...I'm not super comfortable with this post, but I decided to put myself out there. Literally. Putting myself in front of the camera is something I rarely do, especially if it is just because and not for a quick snapshot in a group setting. This week the two creative workshops that I participate in gave some really good, challenging assignments. The prompt for The Sunday Creative is raw and the This is Who I am workshop is all about hair flips. Well, the week is almost over for my hair flip assignment and I just didn't have the time to get a model, so I thought I'd try it myself and use my handy dandy remote. As for the word prompt raw, these pictures just fit the prompt for me. Part of the definition of raw is, changed little from the original form; not processed; not trained or experienced. Well, in these pictures, I am changed little from my original form, no makeup, hair just as it is (and a bad hair day at that) and my everyday chore clothes. Nor am I an experienced photographer, one short high school photography class is all the 'training' I've had...These photos are a little darker and have more grunge to them than my typical photography. They are a little more abstract and dream like, I guess dark and grunge also came to mind for the word raw...

So, this is me...raw...flipping my hair...putting myself out there...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shapely {The Sunday Creative, Aug 1-7}

Last minute I know, I had this wonderful idea involving an antique school desk and a big red apple for The Sunday Creative prompt. However, I just didn't get around to it this week! Oh well, my brother-in-law was so nice as to lend me his guitar. Which by the way, I ended up loving for this prompt, since the guitar has such a nice shape to it.

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