Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Camera Collection

I've been interested in photography since I was a little girl walking around the pasture of my childhood home snapping pictures with my mom's 35mm...where did that camera go? My next camera I used like crazy was all my own; I had saved my money from my high school job at the small town drug store where I worked. I was going to take a photography class my senior year and needed a camera, so I bought myself a 35mm Cannon rebel with manual AND auto focus. However, the more that piled on my plate...graduation, college, work, student loans, marriage, kids...the less I wondered around for pictures. My picture taking turned into the average snapshots of holidays, baby milestones and the everyday events that filled our lives and I did it all with my tiny Samsung 4mp digital camera,which I'm pretty sure I got when digital cameras first came out. I still managed to get a better than average snapshot every once in awhile, but blowing up the photo was usually out of the question. I used that little camera frequently over the next six years, after all, what woman doesn't take pictures of all her newlywed love nests and what mom doesn't take a gazillion pictures of her children? However, that burning passion inside was still there tugging at my creative nature, so I saved up some money and bought myself a big girl camera. Fancy new camera and all, I am still that little girl wondering the pasture with my 35mm for a great capture. However, this time I'm a little more grown up and I carry a Nikon D5000 in my diaper bag wondering our daily routines for that great capture.  Although, I do not plan on putting my passion on the shelf again, instead, I am learning more, understanding more, and growing more as a photographer.

So, of course my love for the camera has lead to a collection of antique and vintage cameras and today I just happen to snap a handful of shots of a few cameras in my collection...

{Although I have Photoshop Elements, I still use to edit some of my pictures. It's so quick, easy and I just happen to LOVE their cross processing action}
{While in I was playing around at Picnik, I warmed these up a little too. I liked the effect it gave these shots of my cameras along with the cross processing}
{This one is my favorite shot and was day 20 of my project 365}

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