Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sneak Peek{Family Photo Session}

Yesterday I had my first "official" photo session. Sure I've held mini practice sessions with my niece and nephew, my beautiful cousins and my adorable baby nephew, but the was different, it was my first non-family member photo shoot. With this shoot I didn't have that security that they were going LOVE my work or be happy in the end. When I have mini sessions with family there is always that voice in the back of your head, "they have to say they love it, they're family"! Not to mention, its not the list bit intimidating to boss your young niece around into various, sometimes ridiculous, poses. Nor is it hard to steal away your nephew from your sister, just because the light is right. This time I had to set a planned time in hopes that the light was going to cooperate and cancellations weren't going to come last minute. I had to be confident even though there was possiblitiy that they might not like something. I had to be the take charge person, when I'm typically many thought...I was up late the night before like a little school girl awaiting her party the next day. I was too excited and nervous at the same time. All in all things went well, baby fussing was at a minimum, light was fairly decent, I learned from mistakes and know what I want to improve on next time! So, I guess you want to see a sneak peek huh? Ok here it goes!

What a cutie pie!

My favorite from the day, our orginal date was before the 4th of July, however things didn't work out. However, they still wanted to get a few in their 4th of July shirts.

This was toward the end, fussiness started to set in, so we pulled out some props and a blanket and let her get comfy and play. Got some really good ones during that time.  Like this one because she looks like she is really intent on getting those beads and she looks so darn cute doing it!

This pose was a request by the client, she wanted to mimic an old photo that she found of her mom and dad with her as a baby. To add a little more to the feel of a throwback photo I did a little playing around with the color. Not the exact color look of the orginal, but pretty close.

Another one towards the end of the day...Shortly after we took her clothes off she seemed to get happy again! Who wouldn't? It was HOT out there. Good thing we schedule early morning when it was still 89 degrees. Later that evening we hit a high of 114 degrees! No exageration here, my hubby has proof on his phone camera! Nor am I talking heat index!

Thanks for letting me share my session with you! Keeping to the idea of learning and to open up some discussion...any of you have tips, tricks of the trade or just advice to us newbie portrait photographers?

Have a great weekend and stay cool ya'll


  1. Wow those are fantastic photos and it such a relaxed location, lovely! Well done :-)

  2. Thank you...Looking at them again, it almost looks like fall with all the dead leafs, guess the trees aren't liking the heat.

  3. brooke they're so beautiful! awesome job!

  4. great job! you should be so proud of yourself. that is a very cute baby. i am sure her parents will be happy with these photos.

  5. Ohhhhh! Congratulations, Brooke! This is so great to have your first official shoot turn out so well! I love the poses and set ups you chose. My favorite one is the baby near the tree trunk and fence! Love that! They are all really nice! Great job. Are you hooked now?!! ("

  6. Beautiful photos! I love love love that last one. Totally looks like an old photo!

  7. I'm visiting from Hyacynth's blog (Undercover Mother). Your work is beautiful...just beautiful!

  8. Thank you everyone! Yes Sherrie, I can't wait to do another session, as a matter of fact I have one next weekend that is more urban! Well the location anyway.
    Thank you all for visiting and your kind words!

  9. You did an AMAZING job! i would hire you in a heart beat! how exciting, your first official shoot! you seriously did so great! I LOVE the third shot, the one of her in the So great!

  10. Thank you so much! I was definately excited about my first offical shoot!


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