Thursday, August 12, 2010

Untouched {An Unintended Bigger Picture Moment }

The last couple of days I've been going through my pictures trying to figure out what photos I want to enter in the state fair, it will be my first time to do so and I'm a little excited an nervous at the same time.  After reading through the rules and regulations, every "competition" has, the requirements for most of the categories are SOOC photos. Of course there is an enhanced category, but the majority of the categories require the picture to be completely unaltered from it's original state. You'd think this wouldn't be a problem, but I've come to notice that I find it very hard to refrain from edits to my work. Of course I keep the original and they aren't "bad", but still I edit...I don't know if its insecurity that the original isn't good enough or out of habit, maybe even both. Realizing this about my photography has made me look upon how I handle myself, stepping back and taking another look at my own life, I find I tend to do the same thing. Edit. Changing my original self to something slightly different, for others, for acceptance, or because it keeps conflict to a minimum...

The edits aren't always huge

Sometimes they are just a slight boost, contrast and sharpening...

Sometimes they are totally different from the original...

Sometimes the original is just as good...

If not better than the edit...
I like how the edited version turned out...

Even if it just a slight change. Change isn't always bad, but sometimes its not neccasary. Being able to step back and see that sometimes edits aren't required and sometimes they are is when you know you are on the right path to balance, both in life and in your creative work. This is when you start to grow.

I think I am starting to grow...

Have a great day

I did not intend for this post to be a Bigger Picture Moment, but it seems it turned out to be one...You can read other bigger picture moments and link up your own over at Sarah's blog, This Heavenly Life...

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  1. your photos are gorgeous, SOOC and edits. i love your analogy to how we edit ourselves and our lives. it really made me think about how i do that myself. great post and--albeit unintended--BPM.

  2. oh these are so cool! state fair? already? goodluck =)

  3. I'm going through a lot of those same realizations myself these days! You are so right!

  4. Those are gorgeous shots. It's incredible how quickly we go to editing to be the fall back, almost. But the originals are so good in their own right.
    Lovely :)

  5. Do you use Photoshop? If so all you have to do is take your signature into Photoshop and use your magic wand tool to select the white in the image and delete it. By the way, your pictures are beautiful unedited and edited! Thanks for the post.

  6. aww shucks! You guys are great, thank you dearly for your kind comments and flattery!

  7. Great post, especially since I struggle with whether to edit or not, too much, too little. Shooting in RAW, I always at a minimum do a levels correction and sharpen. I understand they may not want completely photoshopped images for the competition, but even pros do minor tweaks to their images. Best of luck with your submissions. Oh, and save your sig (no background) as a png and it will be transparent in your posts.

  8. I try not to edit my piccies at all as i like the real thing but as there are so many fun edit functions out there now it is great fun trying some out :-)

  9. All your original images shown here are fantastic. You should be proud to show of any of them.

    I think the whole concept of requiring unedited photos as a blanket requirement is a bit silly. Back in the analog days any good photographer employed darkroom tricks to maximize the appearance of a negative they were printing. The types of edits tat most of us use are simply modern equivalents of old darkroom techniques.

    I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to hear how it all goes.

  10. this is lovely--photos, thoughts, meditation. good stuff:)

  11. Caroly-The first and only photography class I took was in H.S. and we developed our photos in the darkroom, I really miss that process, but you are right, alot of the edits most of us do are similar, especially when they are simple!
    Thank you guys for your kind words! Also for the well wishes on my upcoming endeavor!

    Sherri and Christine, thanks for the tips on my signautre!

  12. Great post, Brooke. I'm also a tweaker - usually nothing too huge, but some of my photos I like to give a certain "look" to that's all mine. But sometimes you just can't beat SOOC!

    Thanks for being my muse yesterday - I meant to write and give you a heads-up but didn't manage to get on the computer all day! I just LOVED your photo.

  13. Beautiful work, Brooke! I love what you are doing, both in your SOOCs and with your edits. Fun, fun stuff and very inspiring work. ("

  14. I'm not a photographer, but even I have a habit of editing my photos. But you're right. Sometimes change isn't necessary. Sometimes the first, raw version of any creative piece is simply wonderful.
    I love that your BPM unfolded so very naturally. That's part of the beauty of BPMs!

  15. You guys are always to kind! I always enjoy and treasure your comments!

    Mosey-Thank you for picking me to accompany your photo, I was honored!


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