Monday, August 2, 2010

This is who I am {For the love of prints}

I recently discovered Christina over at Divas and Dreams Photography Blog and her free creative workshop...The workshop is on its fourth assignment, however, she has set it up so that you can join in at the current assignment or go back and start from the beginning. She is leaving the linky for the assignments up on each assignment post. So, the current assignment is all about celebrating prints, the actual product of our creativity that we can actually hold in our hands, not just look at on computer screens. As part of the assignment we are to take a photo of a print and then for the written part of the assignment we are to write about prints and how we feel about them. So now that you are caught up, on with my results! Oh, but first a link the the workshop, This is who I am...

{For the love of photo prints}

I picked these prints because they were some of the first I took with my new "fancy" camera and the precious little one just happens to be my nephew. Making these prints the first newborn photos I had ever taken that were not my own children!

I love getting my photos printed off, although here lately I am guilty of NEVER getting around to it! I scrapbook as well as dabble in photography and have album upon album of photos and sleeves upon sleeves of printed photos that are waiting to be scrapbooked! There is something about physically holding your work in our hands, its nice to turn pages in albums and shuffle through a stack of photographs. Now I just need to make it a point to get those photos in waiting in a book and move onto my newest stuff. However, I might just be buying simple photo albums from now on and put scrapbooking on the shelf.

One more is not of a print, but just a new picture of my handsom nephew. I took the pictures in my photograph when he was two weeks, he is now 5 months! Isn't he adroable?

Have a great day!


  1. Those are both gorgeous photos! But the first one, so many layers :) Beautiful.

  2. Wonderful photos. What a sweet face. :)

  3. What beautiful eyes. Great!!!

  4. Thank you! I think he's pretty darn special, but I might be partial.


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