Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting back to basics...

A while back I signed up for Faith Raider's photography e-course, and well, now it's here! It kind of snuck up on me, I had filed away the date in my mind and turned my focus onto lumberjacks, turkeys, monkeys, and jingle bells. Class began this week and so far I've quite enjoyed it!

I like that, even though I have a pretty good grasp on ISO, shutter speed and aperture and it's relation to a good photo, the class has made me slow down and ACTUALLY pay attention. Making me slow down and get the best picture I can in camera...

Well, I just thought I'd share one of my pictures from this week in a little side by side comparison...

For the class we only submit the SOOC version, but I loved the picture so much I just wanted to give it a little tweak...and honestly I really did only tweak it slightly. I gave it a PW boost and lowered the zing layer to 20% opacity then gave it a little PW lovely action at 20%opacity, that's it, oh and I cropped it slightly.

Then I thought, "Hey, I haven't don't a texture in awhile" here's the textured version!

Here is my SOOC collage I submitted for my homework

And a few more edited versions of my favorite images from my session with our beat up pear

So there you are! Hope you are having a great week! Don't forget about Project64:Out of the Box, we will be sharing our Carnation pink photo finds and open the linky for you to share yours on Sunday. We will also be featuring our favorite Yellow Green from the submission last Sunday!


  1. Wonderful different perspectives of your pear. I'd give you an A! (;

  2. Your photos are beautiful!

  3. great shots. hope you enjoy your class!

  4. Love your work Brooke. It is beautiful! Love the blog too. I will visit often.

  5. nice blog! Great edit,congrats! I follow you!

  6. Well my dear, you rocked this assignment. So very creative with all your shots. I tried to pick a fav out of them, but i couldn't. I love them all. Well done!

  7. Thank you for all the encouraging words!

  8. Thanks for commenting on my carnation pink post Here is my 365 too stop by if you can :-)

  9. Now I'm inspired to go photograph the pear I have sitting on my counter. Great shots!


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