Monday, November 15, 2010

A quick Hello!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, we've had a lot going on these days! Once our family ventures into October and the fall season things start getting a little crazy! Adding photo sessions to the mix has only made it crazier! I've been busy to say the least! Taking pictures, ordering pictures, planning a lumberjack birthday party...wait...what...Yes, a lumberjack birthday party! The reason I just had to write this post! Among all the busyness are both my son's birthdays (right around the holidays, crazy huh?) and my oldest son wanted a lumberjack birthday party. I tried and tired and tired to get him to pick something normal, like Thomas The Train or Go Diego Go, but he insisted on making mommy put on her thinking cap and get creative amongst all her busyness...after all they do not have a lumberjack section at the party store.

Timber! Watch out, this is where the gifts may fall!

My dad wanted to join the fun and showed up dressed like a lumberjack!

My oldest really enjoyed the party, especially getting to play his lumberjack game on the wii

Thank goodness for Old Navy and their fleece throws, it made the perfect table cover

I kept tradition and made the cake for the fourth year in a row...some lumberjack plaid and a tree stump, oh and of course, what is a lumberjack without his axe!

Later into the party we all had a little fun with the camera! We had plaid hats, scarfs, lumberjack beards and an old picture frame...and a lot of great lumberjack fun shots!

Some graphics, ribbon, scrapbook paper and poster board and you've got some party decorations

Homemade banner, thought the log letters added just the right touch!

Made a few log pillows for the "log toss", they were a hit!

A pile of twigs for balloon weights, brown paper bags with plaid ribbon and a custom Thank You tags to complete the theme!

We all had a great time! It all turned out so much better than I imagined and everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the birthday boy! So, I'm headed back into my busy world, but I'll be back to share my youngest one's birthday party...a yay I'm two monkey party! Thanks for letting me share with you and I hope you all have great holidays!


  1. testing comments box, been having issues with readers not being able to comment, hopefully I have it worked out

  2. wow, you were so creative with how you decorated for this party. you're a great mom! and i love that your dad got into with his outfit.

  3. wow, you are one busy momma! the party looks so awesome though!


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