Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A day in the life...

One of the assignments for my photography SLR e-course was to capture a photo the communicates a day in my life. Well, this the photo I submitted...

Wk1/day5 Snapshot of your Life Challenge {simplicity e-course}

My days are filled with little boys and a crazy dog! Oh, and yes, when I took these last week we still had our Christmas tree up, but thanks to a three day weekend and having my hubby home it is now packed away and waiting for next Christmas. For the assignment we were suppose to share one, but with a crazy little boy who runs when the camera comes out, one was out of the question! So I created this little dippy, including our family dog who shortly after had the stuffing from that toy all over the floor!

Well, I had more from that day, so I thought I'd share them here!

The light on our dog Kira was great that day, I couldn't help but get some of her too, after all she's part of the family too! All of these are SOOC, I liked them the way they were so I left them alone, something I'm trying to do more often.

My youngest watching the guys across the street build a new house. Poor little guys is a little under the weather here and his eyes are a little watery, but he's doing better now.

What squirrel!?! Ok maybe that is my trick to getting her to pose, it drives her crazy but it made for a good pic.

Another quick snap of the camera shy little boy! I'm definitely getting faster, it's all about patients and faking him out by making him think I'm taking pictures of the dog.

I love these pictures, they are definitely real, no posing here, well except for Kira looking for that squirrel. The are SOOC and moment from our everyday, playing with hats, watching the builders, hanging out in our pj's, and just taking it easy. These moment make me happy!

That's why I'm linking up with Sweet ShotTuesday's and Simplicity (the challenge is happiness)
Sweet Shot Day

Hope you have a great day!


  1. SOOC? Fabulous! And I love that your dog will "pose", even if a bit manipulated into it. (;

  2. brooke your photos are beautiful - well done! they truly capture your sweet pups personality!


  3. Love the one ear down and one ear up look!

  4. I love all the happy/fun pictures!

  5. These are such awesome "everyday" shots! I love your trickiness for getting shots of a shy kid!! :)

  6. What a happy day you captured

  7. So cute!

    ~Kaycee Lee~

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  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by and for all the great comments! It was a happy day for sure!

  9. These are beautiful. I love the bokeh in the background of your picture with your dog!

  10. Hey! I tagged you for a blogger award :)

  11. My days are filled with boys too (I just have one more). These are great pictures! And on an unrelated note, I love your couch!


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