Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've decided on a project!

Well, blog friends I've finally decided what on a project for the year...well a little over a year. I've decided to take a box of 64 count crayons and be inspired! I have a few friends going on the journey with me, at one point in time we all shared our hometown, now some are still there and others are scattered across the map. So we've started a blog to track our journey, you can learn more about the project and journey here:

So even though my journey is going to total 64 weeks, I plan on linking up with the flickr group m3b p52, a project 52 group started by Darcy @ My 3 Boybarians, also the host of Sweet Shot Tuesdays. You can read more about Darcy's Project52 here:

I chose project52/project64 because I wanted a yearlong project that would allow me to continue to participate in all the lovely photo assignments and my own projects I have going on. I wanted something that was achievable...I didn't want to find myself disappointed in myself if I failed 100 days down the road. I wanted something that wouldn't be come task like and monotonous, I wanted something that kept me shooting not dreading getting a shoot for the day. Something I could focus on perfecting my skills, giving me time to set up shots and take my time. Not finding myself at the end of the day scrambling for a subject to shoot with no light!

Speaking of no light, last night is a perfect example of why I wanted to do a less demanding project. Although, I was able to get some great shots with no natural night. It was just the situation of me at a deadline needing to make a decision. I didn't want to feel this way for 365 days! Once a week is good enough for me! So, my pictures...the following pictures were taken with completely artificial light, no beautiful natural light streaming through the windows, no flash...just a lamp, white foam board and a homemade reflector.

Here's the set-up I used ( I took these this morning after I decided I wanted to share it with you)

This is my homemade reflector, I made it out of foam core board and a crinkled up emergency blanket you can find in the camping section. It was very noisy project, but these reflectors work quite well. I have one that is on white foam board, I use the white side when I need subtle reflection and I have one on black foam board, which comes in handy if you need to get rid of some light or just block light. 

This is my mini set-up that I used to take the pictures below, of course it was completely dark outside when I took them, so the only light sources I used were the lamp you see here and the light from the ceiling fan. I just used the reflector to add more light from the lamp to my subject.

Again all artificial light, but no flash...I used my 35mm lens switching between f/3 and f/4, ISO 200, I think the big key here was that I set my own white balance, instead of using a preset WB or auto WB.  

I did the same to all the pics on PSE, I added a little contrast, a little deep pop and the I added a denim vintage color effect to it. Just some slight tweaking, the light and white balance were unchanged in post-processing 

 I'm really excited about this project, just look at all those colors!

BTW I'm linking this picture up at Sweet Shot Tuesdays over at My3Boybarians! I was pretty proud of
myself for getting a great artificially lit picture!

Hope you have a colorful week!


  1. Those are wonderful pictures! I'll have to try this sometime soon! I love the wooden box the crayons are in!

  2. Very interesting! I'll have to share this with a friend who is REALLY good with the digital camera, photoshop, etc. Then again, it looks so easy, I might even try it with my easy to use digital camera - even though I mostly just enjoy the point and shoot aspect. I was fighting shadows last night though, so this should definitely help! Thanks for the great tips. :)

  3. WOW - they turned out great. Especially considering the lighting. I need to figure out how to set my own WB - I am always having issues with mine it seems :D

  4. I just love all the crayon pictures!

  5. Allie-Thank so much! The box is actually a drawer out of a small hanging shelf of several mix matched drawers, I love them too!

    Kaye-Thanks!Snap away, use your point and shoot, it's all about having fun and enjoying photography!

    Brooke-Thanks, I appreciate your kind words! Setting your WB is super easy, between my camera's manual and Darcy's insturctionsI figured it out and what difference it has made

    Danelle-Thank you so much for your kind words and stopping by today!

  6. You did a great job!!!!

    Love the set ups too :-)


  7. WOW! These shots are awesome and so much fun! Great job!

  8. Very cool! Hope you'll share some of your stuff on here as well - I'm not a huge Flickr visitor.

  9. This looks like my cheap photo still set up. I've been known to use a silver visor, you put in your car's windshield to reflect the sun. Great shots!

  10. alright I'm impressed - I need to try this!

  11. You did a great job! I'm so thankful you shared how you did it all with artificial light and no flash ... I've wondered how photographers get such awesome shots like that. I don't think I put enough into my setups. Thanks for doing this. Your project sounds so exciting!

  12. that's beautiful. i love the colors!

  13. Wow, thanks guys for all the comments! I went to eat dinner, wash some babies and put them in bed and come back to all your wonderful comments!

  14. Oh my goodness. I love everything about these photos-- seriously, you know it is a good photo when I can smell the crayons! :)

  15. wow, i'm amazed by the crayon photos! great pics! Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  16. that's pretty cool project brooke and love that diy reflector you got =)

  17. Brooke amazing photos. Makes me want to go out and buy a box of crayons!

  18. ADORE ADORE, I don't know what it is about photos or crayons and markers and colored penicls but I immediately drawn to them... you have really put a creative edge on this subject, really well done!

  19. these look fantastic! you have a great set-up :) good luck with your project!

  20. I got all caught up in reading your blog - I LOVE these behind the scene shots! I really had no idea how to do this...I would have to use natural light (which we all know is hard to come by at times - LOL!) LOVE the tinfoil reflector. Man, you're giving me some wonderful ideas! Thanks for the inspiration! :-)


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