Monday, January 31, 2011

A little natural light

In the past I've shown you how I setup my shots and I think all of them were examples of my late night shots using my handy bedside lamp. However, I don't always wait until the late hours of evening to get my shots...actually I typically shoot during the day, utilizing the natural light flooding in my backdoor window. Normally I just use the table cloth on my table as the backdrop, its a nice neutral color and fades quite nicely into the background, but this time I wanted something on a fresh white backdrop, so of course I pull out my handy dandy...FOAM BOARD! I'm telling you this stuff is great and tucks away in my coat closet and is a super cheap way to manipulate light.

So, here is the setup...
Sometimes a little shadow works well with a photo and gives it the creative feel you are going for, but for my photo the natural shadow lost some of the detail on the I simply used the third piece of foam board (laying under my phone) and placed it on the left side of the cars at an angle to soften the is the resulting photo...

Now if you follow the Project64 blog that I host you've seen this gray colored photo, but if you don't follow Project64 you should head on over there and check it out. There are more photos on my color reveal post using the same exact set up, one with more shadow (a result of not using the third piece of foam board). This week we are accepting submissions for robin's egg blue and hunting for gray to share on Sunday. I hope you join us in our colorful journey!

On another note, I received two blogger awards over the last two weeks from two of my favorite bloggers! Tammy Lee Bradley from Bliss and Folly passed the Stylish Blogger Award along to me and Faith from Simplicity awarded me with the Trendy Treehouse Trendy Blogger award! Thank you ladies for including me among a list of wonderful ladies! I am honored and grateful for your kindness!


Well, the rules for the trendy blog award are to tag 10 more bloggers with this award and for the stylish blogger award the rules are 1. Link back to the person who gave you the award, 2. Share seven statements about yourself, and 3.Award fifteen bloggers....

I'm going to modify the rules just a little bit and pass BOTH awards on to 10 bloggers. while I could easily pass this along to many bloggers, several of my favorites were on Tammy and Faith's lists (I linked the post about the awards to their names, so go check out their lists of fabulous bloggers).

Alright, I've linked back to the lovely ladies who awarded seven statements about myself...hmmmmm....

1. I'm a mom to two crazy energetic monkey boys that are both under the age of four and drive me crazy most days, but wouldn't trade being their mother for anything!
2. I'm currently on the road to finally losing four years of to busy to take care of myself my boys are two years apart baby fat before my 10 year high school reunion this summer, wish me luck, there's a lot of neglect to this young body of mine!
3. I'm currently turning my hobby into a business
4. I hate doing dishes and pretend not to see them pile up in the sink
5. I secretly like watching the tv shows meant for kids and tweens
6. I have yet to finish my 2 year old son's baby scrapbook, but have all the pictures printed off
7. I dream of traveling the world, but love cuddling on the couch just the same!

Now, to pass the awards along...some are bloggers I've followed for awhile, but many in my list are new bloggers I found through Project64 that have joined my journey though the crayola box!

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. I love foam and poster boards - they do wonders for lighting and cost a handful of cents!

    And thank you so much for passing the award on to me - that is a fabulous list of wonderful ladies to be counted among!

  2. eeeek! how crazy! i am grateful okay now i have to find these wonderful wards to pass this on to. Oh while you use foam bords, guess what I kitchen chopping boards! It works well too! thanks so much brooke!

  3. I feel a need to hit the store and buy some foam board - what a great tip.

  4. Great tip! Thank you. :) and inexpensive. Even better.

  5. Thank you so much for passing the awards on to me! :-) I agree with Katie - what an honor to be included with these other gals that inspire me so much! ♥

    I absolutely LOVE when you do a pullback. I love seeing how other people set up their shots. Thank you again so much, and have a wonderful week! :-)

  6. Thank you so much for passing the award on! A great ending to a gray and wintery day!

  7. Thanks so much for the award - I'm so flattered and I too am honored to be among this group of bloggers!
    And you crack me up - I pretend not to see dust!!

  8. So this is incredible and I wish I had the dedication to do all this set up. It's great. I just throw on my flash and use my white table.

  9. I keep meaning to buy some : ) Foam board : ) not cars. Love this tip! Fantastic and easy!

  10. Wow! I'm totally going to try this...I looove how you show the setup...I home school my kids so I already have a white board...Love, love, love it!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Thanks for the award Deary! I'll be getting on it right away! Hehe

  12. love your lighting set up! i use boards like that too, but you seem to do a much better job of it :)

  13. I love this set up so fresh and clean. Congrats on your awards!

  14. It's always interesting to see how other photogs set up shots. Thanks for sharing your process.

  15. I love how you show your setup. The natural light is perfect for that beat up toy car.

  16. I bought two sheets of foamboard months ago thinking I could use them. They've been sitting here unused. Thanks for some great tips.

    I'm loving Project 64 and just saw the post on catching up. I'm hoping I can finish those. :)

  17. I use foam boards too. They do tuck away nicely when I get around to putting them away!


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