Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today I decided to participate in 'Twas the write before Christmas' over at Bigger Picture Blogs. Today is day three of a week of holiday prompts. You can choose to interpret it however you please, writing, crafting or in my case photography. I missed the first two days, but it is set up to join in at anytime!

Today's prompt was a song by Casting Crowns-"I heard the bells on Christmas". It is a beautiful song and you all should go over and take a listen!

So, while I was listening to the song I decided to stop all my chores to really focus on the song. While I could interpret this song in sooo many beautiful ways, the word peace, angelically sung by a choir, kept making it's way to my thoughts. There are so many positive things about the holiday season and for me these make my Christmas enjoyable and peaceful! Its easy to get got up in all the stress, but when you chose to focus on the positive and soak up the joy and remember the reason for season, we can all have a little peace, if not on earth, in our hearts!

The word peace makes me think of silver, light and airy, calm...This is what I came up with...

While I was shooting this series of pictures I decided I liked the top photo in the collage as an interpretation of the prompt over at The Sunday Creative, you can see it again below...The word this week is Frozen, while I would like to get some pictures of snow or ice, here in the Southern end of Central North America we have yet to see anything that resembles snow, just wind! I could have went deeper and got some beautiful set up shot with a model...but, I like this picture for the prompt for lots of reasons. First of all it is part of a small decorative tree I have that is suppose to look like an iced over tree, so it looks like ice. Plus the prompt frozen again makes me think silver, light, clear, all which I think you get from this picture. But, most of all I like the memories flood back every time I unpack it from the Christmas box...I got this tree right after I found out I was pregnant with my first child...a lot was going on then, transitioning from college student and wife to just wife then wife and mother. You could see the transitions in all aspects of my life including my decor, from dorm worthy decor to more sophisticated pieces...This piece was one of my first "grown-up" looking Christmas pieces. Four years later, I still bring it out every Christmas, a little reminder of moments passed!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my interpretations of the prompts and I hope you all head on over and join in!



  1. Isn't it funny how one thing (your tree) can bring back so many memories of a certain time? This is lovely, Brooke.

  2. Your photos are stunning. Thank you for sharing them and your lovely words.

  3. These shots are gorgeous - they look like they should be in a magazine.

  4. I know sometimes I sound like a broken record in your comments, but, Brooke, these shots are gorgeous.
    Such wonderful intrepretation of the song. I love the way you capture visuals that are so perfect and so fitting for the words.
    Just gorgeous, my friend.
    {Also, I just had a sheepish moment -- for the past few months, I've been wondering where this blog went, as every time I clicked on your profile it took me to your photography blog site ... anyway, I'm booking marking I can find this one!}

  5. Oh delicious peace interpretations. I love the sparkle, the light, and the point of view. Gorgeous!

  6. These are gorgeous images! I love the color scheme throughout all of them!

  7. Thank you all! It's nice to be back out here sharing with all of you!


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