Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monochromatic Inspiration

The last few weeks the muses have been musing on the holidays and related themes,and still are if you would like to join in, however, I noticed the muses are musing on MONOCHROMATIC COLOR , when the new year rolls in So, I thought I'd move on to the new theme since I have some pics to share that fit the theme! Don't forget to check out the Mortal Muses blog for current theme and their Flickr pool to share it!

 Believe it or not, I took these just last week, its not looking much like winter here, the winter looking scenery usually comes with the new year!

Speaking of the New Year, is anyone else starting a photo project in 2011?? What are you doing? 365 project? 52 weeks? Daily prompts? I'm interested in your suggestions and ideas, I've been thinking about giving the 365 thing another try since hospital visits and party planning interrupted mine this year! I've also been throwing around the idea of a project I read about at The Maternal Lens, 31 Strangers in 31 Days, or a variation of the idea. It would be definitely challenge given my introverted personality, but a challenge full of reward I think and a good lesson on trying new things, both a nice way to start the new year!

I know alot of you have or are getting ready to embark on a photographic journey...but if you haven't I suggest that you do, they time I did spend doing my 365 project this year was very rewarding. I learned alot about myself, improved upon my photographic ability and found myself artistically. If you are planning on starting a photo project in 2011, I suggest you start a blog (if you don't already have one) or an account on flickr. There is a great world of creativity, inspiration and artistic support out here! Most everyone is nice and willing to help or learn along with you!

I really am interested in YOUR ideas and suggestions on photo projects for 2011...but, here are few links that have some great info and inspiration if you are thinking about starting a photo project as 2011 rolls in!

  • If you just want to take it week by week, there are some great weekly word prompt blogs and link ups out there, having a weekly word prompt helps when you have a creative slump and can make you think outside the box! My favorites are The Sunday Creative and Mortal Muses

  • The Daily Shoot is a great source of  inspiration you can print a list off containing prompts or assignments when you need inspiration or you can also go their twitter site and subscribe to updates to be sent to your phone and always have a prompt everyday!

  • Meagan over at madelinebea has a list of fellow 365er's, which I am a part of and you can be too! You can find a very supportive community there and check out what everyone else is doing!

  • You can find groups on Flickr to share work such as a group for people doing 52 week projects or 365 week projects. There are tons of groups just search the groups, but be sure to read the groups rules!

  • Shutter Sisters offer 365 sharing and inspiration as well as monthly word prompts for a One Word Project...You can find additional 365 help, prompts, and articles on starting a 365 project here and here

  • And at last, if you want to add some color to a photo project, why not use your crayola box for inspiration! There is a flickr group called sixty-four colors dedicated to such a project and a blog too!
Well, there you go, there is my part in helping to inspire you! Now what ideas do you have? Also, I just wanted to say, for those of you intimidated by all the fancy cameras out here, you don't have to have a DSLR to start a photo project just a passion for photography and a want to better your skills, even if you just have a point and shoot camera! As a matter of fact, most point and shoots have manual settings that you can use to give more photographic technique practice!

So, please be inspired or share some inspiration! Let's help each other out and share some ideas! I hope you all have an inspiring 2011!!!


  1. Thank you for the kind words and for being a muse to us. ♥ tam

  2. these are all great ideas and links, thanks for the reminders. 1 hope you will keep musing with us in 2011 !!

  3. I love ALL the ladies you mentioned today -- the Muses and Maegan are wonderful. Best wishes if you embark on another 365. I had to take a week break from mine last week just to get some breathing room ... but I'm now ready to go with a super cool new LENS! Hubby got me a prime lense that I'm loving. And my passion for photographing is now reignited!

  4. these are such great ideas, I have been hosting a small flickr group and we are now doing 'partially seen' in january if you are interested in joining. I find I keep having to get inspired to continue my 365 as sometimes I do struggle. Absolutely love your pictures here.


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