Thursday, December 2, 2010

Diptych fun!

It's been way to long since I've participated in all the wonderful creative groups out here! I saw that the mortal muses' were having some fun with diptych and triptych and couldn't help but join in the fun! I made a several, but these were my favorite three! That's all for today, but now that I got the itch to join in on the photo challenges again, I might be back soon!

I love butterflies! I think I have like a zillion photos of them, well maybe not a zillion,but definately a lot! These shots are some of my fav, this particular day the butterfly let me get super close!

I love, love lemons! Don't they make you miss summer? That why I thought I'd use this one for Simplicity's photo challenge, Dreaming of Summer

I love the fair! For me it's the kick start of fall, my favorite season! 

Go join the fun over at mortal muses

and the challenges at Simplicity


  1. These are fabulous, Brooke! Happen to LOVE all the colors and action in the bottom one!

  2. Hey! just wanted to let you know that I picked your photo for my top 5!! I LOVE your summertime shot :)

  3. Traci, thank you! I love the fair shots too!

    Faith, yay! thank you!


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