Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's official I made a decision!

Well, I've been thinking about for months now, gathering opinions of those around me, watching views and comments on my flickr account, and holding voting contest on my facebook page...I've made a decision on what images I am going to enter into the fair. A few a picked because they were fan favorites, others I just went with my heart since they had a place there.

So, since I'm getting ready to display them for my great state to see I thought I'd post them for the world to see as well. After all what is the point of being a photographer and artist is you don't share your work and heart?

I entered six categories three enhanced categories and three amateur categories which require sooc images, good thing I got smart and started to remember to keep my original file, why I wasn't doing that in the beginning I don't know...anyway here they are!

First up Portraits, both of these photos I picked were from my favorite sessions and both just for fun 'practice' sessions. Even so, I love these two portraits!

This first one is my enhanced portrait, I could of used it for my unenhanced one, but I just love the soft faded look and vintage feel in this version of it. There was another one from this session that was an alternative option and was a family favorite, but this is one of those that spoke to me as a photographer, so it won!

My second portrait is my SOOC pick. This was one of those that was a fan favorite, I had another one from this session that I just loved, but, after matting and looking at it from far away my fans were right, this was more eye catching and it was my second favorite. I loved this session and thought they would be best for the unenhanced category since I loved them the second I took them, they only got better with minor enhancements! So This is pick number two!

Next up the miscellaneous category. This category is so vague, so I just used it as a chance to enter some of my favorites...

This is my SOOC entry for this category, I actually love all the photos from this series of photos, but this is the one that I was most drawn to and looked best after being matted!

This one is my enhanced entry, didn't enhance it to much, just a little levels balancing and a slight color pop...This was one that was a heart choice, I had another one of my cherry pictures in the running to be picked and the majority preferred it over this one. However, this one just kept speaking to me and it also speaks 'me'...So, this time  heart won!

Of course everyone has a flower entry...

This entry is SOOC and is a heart winner. I took this photo on a whim while out garage sale hopping and fell in love with it. It is my favorite photo I've taken. It's not always a fan favorite, but it's my favorite. This has even been blown up and displayed as art in my sister's house, so it's at least one fan's favorite! Thinking I might blow it up too for my house!

My final entry fits in the candid category...

Of course I like this photo, after all my adorable youngest son is in it.  But, it's not my favorite and I'm now completely happy with it...However, it's a fan favorite and I think I got out numbered for my final selection! So, here is my enhanced candid entry.

Sweet Shot Day
So, here they are, not necessarily the best, but the favorites! Thanks for letting me share my hearts work with you!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I like all of them so very much! I have to say, though, that the last one of your little one carrying the bear with the flag in the background ... it warms my heart for so many reasons.
    Also, I would so display the beautiful flower picture as art in my home, too, because it IS art!

  2. Wowzers! Your pictures are so beautiful! Edited and unedited, they are lovely. I hope you have a wonderful time at the fair and your pictures win some prizes for you. Very beautiful!

  3. They are all STUNNING!!! Great shots♥

  4. love your choices! I think you got great shots here...good luck to you! I especially LOVE the first shot!

  5. I love the first portrait!!!! Just awesome!

  6. These are all just beautiful!!

  7. Thank you all, I'm getting excited for the fair!

  8. Oh my golly, those are all soooo great!!!! Good luck!! :)

  9. Good luck - the are all amazing.

  10. i love all your images, always do. you are so versatile from portraits to still lifes always great images. that cherry one is a fav of mine.
    Good luck, I know you’ll do well in the competition.
    ♥ maureen

  11. Fabulous shots - I also love the cherries. And I ran out of time, but wanted to tell you how much I really loved the gourds and suitcases in your previous post!
    Best of luck to you!

  12. I lingered over each picture - it was hard to scroll down - they were all so great!

  13. Those are amazing! ALL of them were eye catching. Good luck at the fair!!


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