Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Days

I took these photos last week and never got around to sharing them. It was my grandma's birthday and being that we are on a tight budget, I had to be creative for a birthday gift idea. So, I decided to make my grandma a collage of her grandkids...sorry, GREAT grandkids! The only problem, I had no recent shots of my oldest, most are of the back of his head or his profile as he zooms by! The rest of my photos of him are of his eye as he peeks through his hands or around the couch, since he runs when the camera comes out. So, I threw on the boys red polos, my grandma's favorite color, crossed my fingers and started snapping. OK, I'll admit, I did have to bribe my oldest and promise an hour of wii video games, but I did get some great shots! It also helped that it was a happy day it made the smiles come easy and made the our impromtu shoot enjoyable instead of frustrating! The best kind of shoots! I love these photos of my boys and are my favorite from last week, so, I'm using them for sweet shot tuesdays and since I love color fading my my pictures I thought I'd use the one of my youngest for the paper mama photos challenge a touch of color!

{No smile, but he IS looking at the camera!}

{Always smiles with my youngest!}

{A Smile! I think he's just happy he gets to play wii! My Sweet Shot Tuesday pick!}

{My entry for a 'Hint of Color' at Paper Mama photo challenge}

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Have a great day,


  1. Those shots turned out so nice with the color fade. I love your little one's blue eyes. So beautiful!

  2. What a lovely gift! I'm sure your grandma loved it.

  3. Oh my golly, such cuties you have!! Your grandma is gonna love her gift!

  4. These are adorable shots - she'll love them! And as far as I'm concerned, unless you're a politician or law enforcement officer, bribery is totally legit!

  5. love love love these shots! the last one is especially awesome!

  6. Visiting from Paper Mama -- I just wanted to tell you these are absolutely beautiful!

  7. Oh wow, what adorable boys! I found you on one of these blogs... I think it was Urban Muser? I click so many times on different things I forget lol.

  8. Thank you all! I love these boys, they are pretty great!

  9. Beautiful Picture, Love the composition!

  10. Just found your blog through The Paper Mama and love your shots. Congrats on being a favorite this week! Great work. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more.


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