Friday, September 17, 2010

100 Days of Photos!

Well, its official...I have been on this 365 day journey for 100 days now! Well 101 today, but, I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday... This journey has had its ups and downs and there have been many days I've almost forgot to get a shot for the day and had to improvise or compromise creativity in order to have the photo for the day. All in all it's been very fulfilling, I've seen myself grow and I've seen my photography get better, I've stretched myself creativity and succeeded and I've also failed. But, I've learned, which was my goal when I took on this project. So, yesterday I had an idea in mind to commemorate my 100th day and ended up taking a series of photos, so I collaged them all up and thought I'd share with you! While I’m sharing and I have yet to share anything from this month I thought I'd share what I have for the month of September so far! I've been taking this journey month by month and I know that is the only way I've reach 100 photos...To all of you partaking in this journey I've enjoyed seeing your work and I wish you well as we all forge on ahead and get closer picture by picture to 365!

To see more collages of my journey and some of my thoughts visit my 365 page here on my blog


 Visit my 365 gallery on Flickr and see all my photos from my 365 day journey in their full size

Have a great day!


  1. Congratulations! What an amazing milestone. Your photos are beautiful

  2. wow, i can't believe you have been at this for 100 days already. i think i am on day 23. your photos are just beautiful.

  3. Oh, happy 100 days! Your photographs are always so beautiful, I cannot imagine how they are going to look in another 100.
    {I'm on day 22 ... and I'm still struggling with the ins and outs of my camera. It will come, right?}

  4. Thank you all!
    Urban Muser, I've seen your 365 too, I like what you've done so far!
    Hyacynth, Thanks, I love your 365 as well! It all comes together in the end, I'm still learning new things about my camera everyday! But, by 100 you are sure to have the hang of things!


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