Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm a girl who can't resist a field of wildflowers!

Today we went driving around...OK, maybe we were garage sale hunting...and I found a field of wildflowers! I absolutely love random fields of wildflowers because you can encounter all of God's beauty in one spot! Perfectly imperfect flowers that grow and thrive with only the help of mother nature, crazy looking bugs, some of the most beautiful butterflies and nature at it's best!
If you have seen most of my work, you know I'm a sucker for flower shots and today I just happen to snap a few great photos of some flowers (it is OK to toot my own horn, right?). I might be patting my own back for no reason, but I am still proud of myself for the shots I produced today! Great shots, a field of wildflowers, a beautifully sunny day, perfectly fluffy clouds and blue skies what more could a girl ask for?

This first shot was my first of the day and is the picture I used for multi-layered in my second round of Creativity Boot Camp .
{I was so thrilled to get this shot, I love the brightness and the glow on the tiny flowers...It is pretty much untouched, as far as editing goes, I slightly sharpened it and changed the opacity to about 40% under soft light, and gave it a hint of an edge burn...that's about it!}

While my first shot was the favorite amidst the family folk, the next photo was my personal favorite for the day. So much so, I made it my photo of the day for my project 365. I'm not quite sure why it makes me so happy, it just does. Hopefully, it can make you happy too!

{I have it here three ways: The first is the original, "SOOC". The middle is after I did some color tweaking to give it a lighter whimsical feel, verging on vintage. The last one (far right) is after I added some texture. I actually could not pick a favorite, so I shared all three versions.}

{OK, so maybe I'm leaning toward this one!}

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