Sunday, October 3, 2010

The begining of it all...

I bought my DSLR at the beginning of this March to be exact. I remember my nights scouring the Internet for tips, reviews and prices to find just the right camera. How much did I want to spend, how big did I want it to be, Canon vs. Nikon…you get the idea. Finally, I decided...I picked the Nikon D5000, excitedly ordered and waited for its arrival! When the knock on the door finally came, my heart sang with excitement! I tore the tape of the box quickly found the charger and battery and started getting some juice to those batteries! Meanwhile I admired my new baby and waited in anticipation for the light on the charger to quit blinking. I did chores to keep busy, sneaking glances at the flashing light as I passed through the kitchen with loads of laundry. Then it stopped, the light stayed constant! It was time! Click, click, click! Before I knew it I was on my way to filling up my 1GB memory card and knew a larger one would end up on my shopping list in the very near future! My first shots were of my boys, my youngest trapped in his high chair and my oldest running away from the strange contraption I was pointing at him! Over the last several months I have grown tremendously! I've participated in challenges, entered competitions, made some cash off my hobby and started a photographic journey to 365 days of photos! Today, eh, tonight, this morning, I don't know its super late, early??  I wanted to share my first shots from my camera in addition to my favorite 365 photos from the month of September! It’s been a crazy journey, but I’ve loved every minute of it!

The next four shots were some of my first shots ever with my new camera, I have always dappled in photography and have had a passion for it, but it had been on the back burner for quite awhile. So when I picked up the camera and got these shots of my boys, the fire was lit once again! Since those first awkward days of finding my new place and warming up to the title "photographer", my passion has only grown and I become more and more comfortable in this new skin!

{I'm using this shot for the Paper Mama Challenge, Confusion}
The Paper Mama

Now on to my 365 day photographic journey! September has been quite a month, surgeries, photo shoots, recovering from surgery...this month has been crazy to say the least! I wasn't on my "A" game much this month, I've been focusing my craft elsewhere and this months crop of photos haven't been my favorite. However, I managed to get a few shots I like!

I've already shared in previous posts most of my 365 photos here and here...So, here is the rest of the month...I think I'm missing two pictures, as far as posting goes, but hopefully I'll be able to get them all posted to my Flickr 365 Gallery soon. The button to my 365 gallery on Flickr in is my sidebar.

As you can see lots of low light situation, result of near forgotten photos! I didn't take alot of time to set up or "stage" any photos. Oh well, we learn from our bad days, right? Have a great day!



  1. Those are great photos! You have adorable kiddos :)

  2. Wow! Your photos are stunning as always.

    I'm loving the new look.

  3. brooke, your photos are fabulous. you truly have an eye for a beautiful photo, for the composition, the perspective, the lighting, i always enjoy and am inspired by your photography. amazing that you have just begun your journey with your camera.
    keep it up!
    ♥ maureen

  4. Ha! That confusion photo made me laugh out loud.

  5. You've managed to create a lot of beauty amidst all the chaos, Brooke! Beautiful images!

  6. Thank you all! I love coming to my blog and reading all your wonderful comments! They always make me smile!

  7. I STILL cannot believe you have only been at this for such a short time. You have grown tremendously! Love seeing all your shots.
    Had to laugh - I have quite a few late night, low-light shots...just forces us to think creatively, right?

  8. So that's what I keep telling myself about my end-of-the-day shots -- growing situations! lol.
    I love your littest one's eyes. They are just like my youngests. Stark contrasts from both mine and yours ... interesting how those blue recessive genes popped out.


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