Friday, February 25, 2011

A little time to myself...

This past weekend I had the opportunity to have some much needed girl time. An old friend from high school came down to spend some time with me and my men went to visit their Nana (my hubby's mom). My friend and I spent most of our day antique shopping and stopped to grab a bite to eat. We then headed home and did a little bit of crafting and watch Pride and Prejudice. It was very nice to be able to visit with her and to not be surrounded by toys and boys. I rarely get time away from my family, not that I want to run away or be without them, but sometimes its nice to be with company that "gets"you and can talk about things other than toy cars and winning video games. It is also nice to not always be "on", no dishes, laundry or refereeing. We didn't even cook, just a frozen pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert

We had a nice time during our girls friend had to leave early the next morning, as duty calls for us mommies, however my men were not due back until late afternoon. So, not only did I get much needed girl time, I got me time! I did a whole lot of nothing, I watched movies without interruption and took a nap. I even took some time to take a few pictures without little fingers moving in and knocking over my setups or jumping on my back right as I click the shutter.

My girl time and me time was nice and very much needed, but it was equally rewarding when tiny feet ran into the house and jumped into my arms. Their warm embraces and affectionate words just made me love them even more!

Hope you are having a good week,


  1. that sounds like the evening! how fun to get time with a friend, i could use a girls night too :) And alone time, how wonderful! but your right, its always nice when your love ones return. Glad you got some time for yourself

  2. That sounds quite lovely. Love it.

  3. These are beautiful photos! I love the vintage camera. And time for yourself is the best!

  4. How very, very beautiful. The flowers. The words.
    I am glad you could rest.

  5. Girl time and me time is so rejuvenating! Your photos are beautiful... and now I need to go watch pride and prejudice! Love that movie.

  6. I cannot ever tell you enough how much I love your photos! You have such a great eye, and I just adore your vision.
    And I'm so glad you had some girlfriend time. :)

  7. Nothing like a little me time to make us aware of our blessings. :)

  8. I completely understand! While I love my husband, I find I really look forward to the times when he is out of town so I can have "me" time without the guilt. No kids in the house anymore, but I still seem to be stupid busy, and all I really want to do is blog and take photos!

  9. brooke, i keep going back to these flowers. it is so pretty!


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